SURVEYOR STORE LTD offers a surveying service that AIMS to improve lives, create opportunity and give back to society.

Our VISION to create a legacy of female empowerment to serve today and after too.

"A Blank Canvas"

Welcome to SURVEYOR STORE LTD. My name is Sarah Chaudhry, I am the sole Director. I am a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, a Management Consultant surveyor. I have an MBA in Construction and Real Estate and Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management. 


For 30 years I worked in Corporate Real Estate and I led many services. I worked for Registered Providers and Local Government, I enjoyed the work as it had a social purpose. As a Director in my last roles I feel it time to create a practice aligned with my values as in our AIMS & OBJECTIVES and Services that offer my best …


In 2022 new to private practice, I start the year a ‘Blank Canvas’. I look forward to filling my year with your work. If you have a surveying need, seek real estate advice, wish to join us or require support to do the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) contact us. Whilst London based, some services can be offered nationally.

Sarah Chaudhry MBA FRICS



Call +44 7521 085400 to speak with me.

Experience & Services
(Strategic Asset Management)

SURVEYOR STORE LTD is pleased to offer the following Strategic Asset Management Services.   


The photos and examples are our Directors, Sarah’s work from corporate roles, we are proud to offer the services to the wider market. 


We are happy to work on both large and small opportunities as each equally important and “no job is to big or small”, contact us.

Unlocking Opportunity

The photo of a 2,400 home new regeneration opportunity in London, I was the lead officer that formed the partnership of 4 major landowners. 

Management Consulting

The photo is the Board Room at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in Westminster where I graduated as a Management Consultant Surveyor.

Management Solutions

The photo is of a new Civic Centre. When I joined the Council the building was under construction, whilst there I began to lead all real estate services, and the department became highly transactional.

Strategy & Plans

The photo is one of UK’s largest Regeneration. Through strategy & plans I align property portfolios with key objectives. I identified potential for 1’000’s of homes making the most of their assets. 

Asset Management

The photo is of a Town Hall, a much loved Grade II building that needs investment, I secured One Public Estate funding to develop  investment plans as part of a office rationalisation programme. 

Portfolio Optimisation

The photo is of the hoarding around a former play area. Next to it a community centre, I worked on a lot of community led developments and care solutions for new facilities and 100’s of homes. 

Purchase & Lease

The photo is of a new academy for 1,850 children. I acquired the old school site, enabling £40m investment in the new building and 300 + homes on the old site.

For Sale

The photo is of a former Town Hall which I sold. In accordance with the brief, the sale resulted in investment and improvement. The purchaser converted to a new school for 1.650 children. 

For Rent

The photo is of a floor in a new office where I oversaw its rental resulting in new income and savings for the landlord. 

Join US

SURVEYOR STORE LTD is looking for likeminded people who share our commitment to our AIMS & OBJECTIVES.


We need people that complement us to help us grow and in return we will share what we earn.


Depending on where you are in your career we will work with you to help further your development where we can.


We like entrepreneurs, innovators and people with new ideas that can be developed and then scaled.


We are keen to hear from people that specialise in property sale and letting, commercial lease management and technology in real estate.

As a commitment to people that join us, SURVEYOR STORE LTD will support staff to go forward for the Assessment of Professional Practice, to become Chartered Surveyors, if they wish.


I (Sarah) have been supporting others to do this too, should someone require this as a service do get in touch.


I used to also hold monthly forums where candidates going through the APC process could hear from each other, share experiences and learning. If I have a group of say 8 people I could start this again, get in touch.