“The UK’s first surveying firm that connects faith (and principles of charity) to practice with relationship and wellness at its heart”

OUR Aims, Vision, Objectives & People

SURVEYOR STORE LTD offers a surveying service that AIMS to improve lives, create opportunity and give back to society.

Our VISION to create a legacy of female empowerment to serve today and after too (in line with principles of modern philanthropy).



1. To create a legacy of female empowerment working with men and women.


2. To grow the practice with faith and wellness at its core.


3. To develop a inclusive practice that serves everyone.


4. To build bridges in society, connecting large and small, companies, communities and individual people.


5. To operate with mutual trust and understanding and to put the interest of its clients first.


6. To focus on competence and performance to enable staff to develop so they can work for us and others too.


7. A practice that works with a network of like minded affiliates, to signpost others with confidence.


Sarah Chaudhry MBA FRICS, Director


I am a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, a Management Consultant Surveyor. I hold an MBA in Construction and Real Estate and a Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management. 


I have 30 years corporate real estate experience. Surveyor Store Ltd is my practice.


I am Chair on a charities development board and am a experienced non-Executive Director. I have worked for Registered Providers, Local Government and Consultancy. 


As a Director I oversaw a number of services: Special Projects; Programme, Projects and Asset Management, Property and Valuation, Building and Facilities Services.


I specialise in New Initiatives, Management Consultancy, Real Estate Leadership, Strategy, Asset Management and Community Led Development.