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AMSI 2nd Event. Hajj & Eid Al Adha and How to Become a Chartered Surveyor

Project type

A Continuous Professional Development In Person Event


12 July 2023


London, 12 Great George Street, London SW1P 3AD, UK.

This was our second event, an AMSI Event.

On 3 February, the AMSI community said they wanted to do two annual events, one after each Eid.

Our first event was on 3 May after Eid al Fitr, and our second after Eid al Adha.

As we held our first event at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, Head Quarters, Westminster, London, many people left asking how can we be members.

Our second event was a talk on Eid Al Adha and How to become a Chartered Surveyor.

At our first event, we decided rather than an Eid party to focus on learning and development as that helps people grow personally and professionally.

It is also good to share information, as what one might know and take as given may not be known to another person; people also like the network.

Therefore, Our events are for learning, development, and networking.

They platform people who may not traditionally be seen to give them opportunity and presence.

They connect the most senior in an industry with young and emerging talent from within one of the fastest-growing parts of the UK and global society.

People say they like our formal but informal events, and they make people feel comfortable; it is OK to be yourself.

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