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6 Months Review

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

It has been six months since I first said, how about something like AMSI?

About 50 people said yes in a week, and we first met on 3 February 2023. Since then, we have held two events: 3 May 2023 and 12 July 2023.

The first event was exciting, and many people came; the second event was local, although one person came from Saudi Arabia. A Senior Partner from Gerald Eve joined us, as did the new RICS CEO.

Over the past two weeks, I have been planning what's next.

One person motivated by the second event spoke to his work, and they set up their own Muslims Forum. Our First event motivated the Society of Quantity Surveyors in Bangladesh to set up.

Our work is inspiring others, and that is good.

AMSI - Business Case

People said when we first came together that we need advocacy and representation.

The diversity statistics we collected show most of the AMSI community is young, with the youngest 16; our first event platformed a school leaver, and our second event the same.

The majority are 25-35, and only a handful were over 50.

After our second event, one person independently wrote on the business for AMSI; he reinforced what the Aziz Foundation found years before; this BBC article is the same: Muslim women at 'disadvantage' in the workplace - BBC News and that being Muslim comes with its own nuance.

Next 6 Months Plan

We are six months old; we know there is a need for a niche service we have started; there is a need for a senior person and at least one person daily.

As our service lines in AMSI become more defined, they can be passed over to others to build further; my investment in a functional website has helped a lot.

In terms of Governance, we propose to put in place four forums:

The first - is an Advisory Panel with Partners such as Institutions and Funders.

The second - is a Corporate Partners Forum for Businesses and Others to whom our service can add value; our Corporate Partners Package is now well developed.

The third - is a Planning and Strategy Forum comprising Contributing Members.

The Fourth - is a Market Engagement Forum for people that wish to lead individual initiatives.

Getting involved is a great way to build your profile, network, and develop connections; those who worked on our first event are now good friends.


We have a few things already in place to make the plan happen, links are below, and everyone is welcome to get involved.

Our next Planning and Strategy Meeting is on 1 August 2023.

We will shortly launch a Corporate Partner offer, and if you want to speak, contact me.


While we have the two services and the events above coming up, we also have an event for South Asian Heritage Month and an opportunity for a Private Audience with the President of the RICS.

To sign up for both events, you can do it here.

We would like to do a Birmingham event next, then events in Leeds, Liverpool, and Glasgow, but we will not do them without Corporate Partners.

After this year, we can see what we do in terms of the Rest of the World, but for now and this year; we have put on the South Asian Heritage Month event, an online event for anyone that wants to come, it is free.

Get involved

We have other events coming up as well and shall publish them soon.

Should you wish to speak at an AMSI event, contact me. If you wish to be involved in any of the forums, book an appointment, and as I said, we seek Corporate Partners.

Other service lines

Last week I supported a candidate with their RICS Membership Application; I can also help others.

Contact me if you need to recruit someone or need a survey done.

What I did best

The start of the week once again came with a reminder of the best work I did in Local Government and my work on Founding a 2,500-home regeneration opportunity.

A former colleague sent me a video where my work was hailed as the most successful project in a national 10-year programme of 800 other sites.

Like I found AMSI, I also founded One Public Estate Northwick Park; a photo is attached, as it is South Asian Heritage Month, it is a good example of what someone with roots from there can do and a Muslim Woman as well.

If you wish to speak about strategic asset management work, contact me.

Housing has been in the spotlight in the UK this week, and housing disrepair continues to be a big problem, two areas where initiatives such as AMSI can help.


Should you have any questions, contact me.

Have a good weekend.

Sarah Chaudhry


The AMS Initiative

Surveyor Store Ltd

07521 085400

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