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A AMSi impact in Leeds in partnership with UKREiiF.

We are pleased UKREiiF selected us as a partner enabling AMS members, some of whom would not ordinarily know of them to attend and experience the opportunity to join them, we hope to see them there.

UKREiiF is an annual major UK real estate event, in Leeds. The event has a packed three-day programme, with industry leaders sharing ideas and insight, it is the place to go to hear from the best UK real estate place and policy makers, as well as many others.

The event is mostly attended by industry leaders as well. Along with a domestic audience, the event has international interest, with governments from as far as Saudi Arabia in attendance.

Click the "We are attending UKREiiF 2024", photo above for the UKREiiF webpage, we think last-minute tickets can be purchased.

This year, our ticket competition winner was happy to win, others have been allocated to mostly members in the north, we are pleased to have organised this. So far our AMSi face-to-face events have been in London, and the UKREiiF event in Leeds allows us to level up.

As we see when we do London events, we look forward to member stories, we hope those who go enjoy themselves. The event is an opportunity to hear and learn, a good place for business development and networking, and an ordinarily senior industry platform.

Last year we enabled a handful of people to go, this year we doubled the number, and we thank UKREiiF.

This year's attendee Members are mostly British South Asian, and 100% Muslim although we are for everyone. We have a mix of students, junior, middle, and senior members and directors attending. Most of the directors are from independent small businesses, who in the past may not have known of the event, or for whom the ticket cost may have been a barrier.

To enable us to keep on facilitating this, please share with us your stories so we can share them or name-check us in any write-up. This is a significant benefit and impact.

We will create a form for people to register for tickets for next year if we have them, but we will aim to offer them as part of competitions and awards first as we did at our Eid at the RICS event this year. We can only use one ticket, which we will this year, last year we did not go.

Sarah Chaudhry. MBA FRICS


AMSi (The Association of Muslim Surveyors initiative)

By Surveyor Store Ltd

07521 085400

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