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A Professional Footballer or Another Person Like Nahel

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

French Riots

As we have seen over the past two weeks, Nahel's death, a teenager, which some spell as Nael, sparked outrage, with riots in France spreading to Belgium and Switzerland and 4000 arrests.

When the authorities struggled to take control, women in the communities came out and said stop; you are damaging our facilities.

Nahel's grandmother said her daughter is grieving the loss of her only son; as a single mum, she bought him up alone, and now he is gone; people are using her grandson's death as an excuse.

Systemic racism

People are mad, they say Nahel is just like us, and like he is dead, that could be us, because he is not the first person to be shot; his death is a tipping point.

Amnesty says in 2017, gun laws in France changed and now say a gun could be used if there was a risk to life, but in the Nahel stop and search situation, that was not the case.

The use of the gun in Nahel's situation, and the threat by a 38-year-old policeman to blow off Nahel's head alarmed him, it was aggressive and excessive.

The real face of disadvantage

Nahel and people like him from his neighbourhood in France will most likely be stopped and searched by French police, he was 17 years of age.

They say by his age, most children from the area have been in trouble, and it is not unknown for them to spend one or two days in police custody.

Why? Because they are brown, well, some people say black, they are young people, and racial profiling means they are more likely to be stopped, searched, and alarmed.

A Delinquent

People have also said Nahel is a delinquent, but when you look at what makes them say that, it was as he was in a rap stars video, some people have been pushing the images out.

The video is by a rap band called Jul; the video Nahel is in is a little like he is a gangsta, but he is not; he is like any other young person, and would have been very happy to be in the video.

In the other Jul videos, I can see why young people like to listen, I cannot understand what he says in French, but I can see the videos are a little cute, the tunes catchy.

Jul has a hand signal that is a trademark.

Why care?

I ask myself why I care about French riots and a child called Nahel, that I do not know.

I care, as every day, in the London streets, I walk and see people like Nahel; yesterday, I spent the afternoon with Yasin Ben El-Mhanni.

I sit in Central London Mosque and see many people like Nahel; I sit in Westfield in Shepherds Bush and see people like him, too.

Ray, a black man with Jamaican roots, tells me the busiest event in Westfield is Eid; he says so many people come.

In the mosques where I go and sit, I see the same, Friday prayers are packed, Ramadhan is very busy, and even with no parents, young people come.

Professional Footballer

Yasin is a 27-year-old professional footballer who used to play for the Scottish Championship; he was born in Shepherds Bush.

I sat next to him and had a good chat with his friend; he was cheeky and kept teasing me; in the end, he was telling me the answers, but searching for the answers himself.

He questioned the value of education; like Nahel and even me, he did not fit in.

In terms of work, what he described, were one or two like him and Yasin who got rich quickly as they are lucky, but a majority were not, so I said what they do, they said nothing good.

So I told them to come and see what I do next week and gave them my cards, they said maybe.

12 July 2023 - Event

The AMSI initiative is important, as it shows many people and perhaps the fastest-growing community in the UK in cities the way.

I saw from the first event, some may not even know what I say is of any value, but when I got them to the event, they could see what I said was important.

It opened a whole new world of possibility and showed them an alternative.

Personal responsibility.

How much I can do to change things for people like Nahel is limited.

My talk with Yasin and his friend made me more resolute that what I have started is important.

A young person who has been with AMSI for 6 months has taught me about rap, boxing, and many other things, it is nice as he said he will come first to help me on 12 July 2023.

Young people need to be engaged in the right way.

Nahel should not be dead.

PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

While Yasin's friend said in our people there is no PTSD, it is a Western concept.

Before Yasin left, I said in your profession you go up quickly and down even faster, Yasin only commented then and said yes.

PTSD is real, when you go through job-related trauma it can affect you, after they left I read, Yasin was involved in a racism row with his coach in Newcastle and he was released.

It is the same pattern in most cases, Yasin won the case on appeal I believe, not the first time.

But, Yasin was not at fault and should not have been released.

A solution

These events can help be part of a solution, do book or promote to someone whom they may help.

The event is for learning and development, for young and elder people as well, surveyors and non-surveyors, and anyone that work in real estate, the built environment, and construction.

Muslims and non-Muslims.

The Reality

The Go Fund Me campaign for the police officer had reached over $1m, Nahel's $200,000, a few days ago, some say the officer's campaign is indecent.

But, meaningful change does not happen by aggression, it happens through education and engagement, slow and steady progression also by bringing people together in a safe way.

Society is divided and AMSI aims to build bridges.

Any questions or no more updates

Feel free to contact me with questions or if you do not want further updates please say.

Sarah Chaudhry


The AMS Initiative

Surveyor Store Ltd

07521 085400

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