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A Time to Unite - I AM 2023.

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

The last AMSI event for the year - IAM 2023.

We plan to visit the Al Manaar Centre near Grenfell to hear their history, the work they do, and the work they did during the Grenfell crisis.

The centre's CEO Abdurahman Sayed is a member of the GLA's faith forum which Sadiq Khan chairs, he will do the talk.

A talk on the Middle East crisis is about the land which is today both Israel and Palestine, a AMSI member will cover this, Yusuf Javaid.

If it is possible, we will also have a talk on the building safety changes since the Crisis, as a lot has changed, we hope the RICS can cover this.

Our events are for everyone and it would be good to see people join us and should anyone wish to say a few words we can cover this at the end.

For people who have never been to a mosque, it is an opportunity to take a look around.

The Al Manaar Centre is another Gibberd-designed building, that is the same architect who designed the London Central Mosque.

Date & Time: 21 November 4 - 7 PM. How to Buy Tickets

You can buy a seat for yourself, or sponsor a seat on Eventbrite: , they cost £25 each plus Eventbrite fees.

This year's IAM2023 which began in November, carries profound importance, as expressed by the Muslim Council of Britain and we invite you to join us.

We appreciate it is a difficult time for Jewish and Muslim communities and anyone affected by what we witness happening in the Middle East.

IAM 2023 (Islamophobia Awareness Month 2023) and a Reflection on Anti-Semitism.

IAM2023 is about a society that is understanding and inclusive which is free from all forms of hate crime including Islamophobia.

Islamophobia is the fear of, hatred of, or prejudice against the religion of Islam or Muslims in general, especially when seen as a geopolitical force or a source of terrorism.

The scope and precise definition of the term Islamophobia is the subject of debate.

When you read the definition of Antisemitism it is similar to Islamophobia and it is hate towards and prejudice against Judaism or Jewish people in general which is a shame.

The theme for IAM 2023 is Muslim Stories that show contributions to society.

The campaign goal is to facilitate connections among individuals from diverse backgrounds, Muslims and non-Muslims through storytelling.

The photo at the top is from inside the Al-Manaar Centre and this picture is of the outside, both are a few years old.

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How to become an AMSI member.

It costs £20 a month to become a contributing AMSI member.

What this offers is set out in the table, but it also offers the opportunity to get involved in opportunities that may interest you as and when we learn of them.

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