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Book by 27 June 2024. We invite you again to our 3 July event, 5-7.30 pm, London: event theme regeneration & the power of place-based partnerships. Housebuilding.

The photo is relevant to our next event, it sets out the Muslim statistics well.

- An invitation.

We are pleased our invitation to our 3 July 2024, from 5 - 7.30 has been accepted by a real estate industry leader responsible for an £11.5bn investment programme in England, the event is in London.

To book seats, click the link above, it has the programme and learning points.

- An opportunity to learn. 

The speaker comes from the community, we have shared with them Q&A’s so they can talk about their career, we look forward to learning from them.

- Related charities, community groups, similar initiatives, and universities.

We have invited related charities, community groups, similar initiatives, a school, and a university, we have given them a promo code so they can attend for free.

We do not want cost to be a barrier for anyone, if others require a promo code contact us.

- Q & A.

We were asked about free mixing, we already had provision for halal or vegetarian and no alcohol, and also a prayer space, we have done what we can to accommodate everyone. 

In UK professional real estate services it is mostly young men, but women are coming forward, there are a lot of them, but not many elders. 

- Policy and teaching.

As an elder we plan to focus on development, education, and training, as well as policy work, we have no plan again to run any network, except to work with a network of others.

- Allah’s teaching.

Allah has taught us, a Muslim must do what they can to share beneficial knowledge, so we do these events, but it is all our duty. 

The Prophet SWS taught us about equal status in the eyes of Allah of both men and women, people of all races, while we understand all society comes from a different place, the teachings are for all of us. 

We do not want who we are to be a barrier. 

Islam's roots are all the Abrahamic faith, so we removed the word Muslim as we did not want this to be a barrier for anyone, everyone is welcome.

- Conditions.

Our speaker has asked for the talk to focus on their career and professional journey, with no politics and no programme questions, we hope this will be a light event to mark Eid. 

No photo of our speaker until after 8 July 2024. 

The AMS Initiative started from Hajj, maybe this year Allah invited us as a teacher to reset us.

Sarah Chaudhry


Surveyor Store Ltd

Founder AMSi

07521 085400


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