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๐ŸŒŸ Happy holidays

I attended a talk with Refuge on violence against women and how faith can be used as a weapon against them, it was a good session.

2nd year plan

We are excited to announce the launch of our new project, and planning for the AMSi 2nd year.


โœ… Unknown to us AMSi started with the RICS story of Hajj that I wrote.

โœ… We are UK-focused, London-based.

โœ… We have connected and inspired people and groups internationally.

โœ… We have built connections in the real estate, equity, diversity, and inclusion space.

โœ… We have seen more and new Muslim forums in big real estate firms.

โœ… We have more presence in the profession and at Board level.

โœ… We have raised awareness of what surveyors do in communities and schools.

I have completed one year, I asked contributing members who want to lead next year.


If others wish to join as contributing members to get to know others and to lead in an area of interest message me.

It is up to individuals how active they are.

โœ… Those who have been proactive have found the platform helpful.

โœ…Others have enjoyed the benefit of the network.

โœ…Some like our events and the opportunity to attend ally partner events.

โœ… Others have invested a few pounds each month as a form of charity to keep the initiative alive as they can see good in what started.

โœ… Allyship in a place and profession where there are so few like us is helpful.

Those with us say they benefit and get value, individuals get to say what will help them.

Easy to join & leave

We ask that contributing members stay as long as they wish, they can leave on a month's notice.

They can stop standing orders or not make the requested monthly payment.

Monthly cost

Individuals pay ยฃ20 monthly to cover basic expenses and keep going.

Surveyor Store Ltd is the main and only sponsor.

Corporate partners

Should partners want us to be involved in their initiatives or ours, they can do this and sign up for our corporate offer.

We can add value for the right partners, call us for a conversation.

Happy holidays

๐ŸŒŸ Happy holidays everyone, have a magical time.

For women who are victims of domestic abuse and violence, the holiday season can be a difficult time, some men maybe victims too, take care .

Sarah Chaudhry



Surveyor Store Ltd

07521 085400

The Association of Muslim Surveyors Initiative

The Association of Muslim Surveyors Initiative (AMSi) by Surveyor Store Ltd is a greater good initiative.

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