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Inspiring Women in Property - A Property Week 1st Event

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Inspiring women in property by Property Week.

It felt special to be there, thank you Stephanie Denton, and their Head of Content for what was an impressive event, there were so many people.

I was touched when Liz Peace winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award remembered me, time has passed quickly, and we have seen each other for years.

I told her I started a society for people like me, and she said it is needed, I also sat next to a lady from Regeneration Brainery, I gave her my card, and met many more supportive people.

There were over 650 people in the room, mostly women and some men to, a good event, I felt welcome.

Property Week Pledges.

The event host was Oti Mabuse is a South African dancer, she started to dance at 3, the family loves to dance, she announced all the award categories.

Oti said in South Africa when growing up, there was a lot of crime and women were being raped .

She has a disciplined upbringing God, school and dancing, it was Oti’s mums way of keeping them safe.

Oti understands it is tough for black women in the UK, but she does not understand this herself as her experience was not the same.

She will learn what it means when she has her child, Oti is expecting her first baby, she was happy she was pregnant, she said I did not make the baby myself, the baby will have a dad and mum.

Oti's advice for women in property is to accept there will be lots of closed door, it is important to find allies and take other women with you, keep going.

Oti does a breakfast programme now on ITV and she said when her sister comes to the UK she cries as she can walk down the road and be safe.

If nothing else that is what UK society has given black and brown women and that is safety.

The Property Week pledges are: to Raise Awareness: Acknowledge Blind Spots: Equity at Home: Take Action; and to Walk the Walk.

Liz Peace, winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Liz said she is now stepping down, she said she is doing this as the future is safe in all your hands.

Liz shared a few lessons, she said never allow yourself to be told you cannot do something.

Liz said find your allies, she said she had some fantastic allies, both men and women.

Liz said to be yourself, and never pretend you are something you are not.

Liz got a standing ovation at the end, I have seen her around for years and she has always been supportive.

I never used to wear a head scarf, some people treated me like I was a different person, Liz did not.

There were not many like me in the room, but I felt dignified and safe, sometimes I do not feel that with my own.

AMSI Corporate Partner & Individual Contributing Members

After 8 months of working for free, I ended the week with my first Corporate Partner signing up for a service, I have a few Contributing Members as well.

My commitment to Corporate Partners is that I will meet with them 4 times each year, Contributing Members monthly and volunteers weekly.

If they need anything else we can talk about that, and slowly what is clear, is that I have created a service that is in demand.

I am grateful to the people who helped me along the way, some people are still with me and some are no longer, we all need to do what is right for us.

Should you wish to speak about becoming a partner do get in contact, each pound we get keeps us going, and we also hope to grow our contributing member network.

Sarah Chaudhry


Association of Muslim Surveyors Initiative

Surveyor Store Ltd

07521 085400

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