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Partners Sought - AMSI Events

The 2nd AMSI event on 12 July 2023. 4-7 PM RICS, HQ, Westminster, London, was successful.

Photographs and a short write-up from our first and second events are here:

A detailed write-up from our Second event is below, along with presentations.

We seek partners for future events; we have the offer to do another such event with the RICS and would like to do events in Birmingham, Leeds/Manchester.

To talk to us, book an appointment here:

You can become an AMSI member here:

Should you wish to have a conversation, feel free to contact me.

Sarah Chaudhry


The AMSI Initiative

Surveyor Store Ltd

07521 085400

The Second AMSI Event, Hajj & Eid Al Adha and How to Become a Chartered Surveyor.


The event opened with a reminder of why AMSI.

We aim to "Pave the way into Real Estate, Built Environment, and Construction Professional Institutions and to Raise Awareness of the Professions in Communities as We All Count."

Sarah Chaudhry, AMSI Founders, presentation is here:

The AMS Initiative - July 2023
Download PDF • 253KB

Access to RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors)

Sarah Noble, RICS Head of Early Engagement, then spoke.

Sarah ran through the benefits of becoming an RICS member and the routes to membership and access to the Royal Institution, one of the oldest in the UK, Globally recognised and respected.

Sarah Noble's presentation is here:

Sarah Noble Presentation
Download PDF • 7.49MB

There is a student competition for COP28; the focus is decarbonising the built environment; entries close on 10 August 2023; details are here:

Information on COP 28 is here:; it is a global event that I would like to attend one day; this year, it will be in Dubai from 30 November to 12 December.

RICS Governance

We are pleased Simon Prichard, Senior Partner Gerald Eve, the Chair of the World UK and Ireland Board, joined us.

The AMSI community found his talk engaging, his career insightful, and his motivation on why he serves on the board interesting; Simon asked attendees to be ambassadors for continued change, emphasising the key to unlocking the property industry for the future was the young generation.

We thank Simon for joining us and Gerald Eve for posting on our work and raising awareness.


The RICS's new CEO Justin Young also joined us, we were delighted he did, and we asked that he said a few words, which he did, and he said this is a member organisation and here for everyone; we thank him for making us feel welcome.

Hajj & Eid Al Adha

Yahya Saleh, AMSI Volunteer and Apprentice Management Surveyor at Workman LLP, partook in this year's Annual Pilgrimage to Makkah in Saudi Arabia; Yahya shared his lived experience through this excellent presentation.

His presentation is a reminder where we are born is a matter of chance; if we are fortunate and privileged, we have a responsibility to ask why and beyond ourselves, to think carefully about what we do and how we contribute to public life and society.

Yahya's presentation is here:

Yahya's Presentation
Download PDF • 2.17MB

Quantity Surveyors of Pakistan

We are pleased Laeeq Hassan, RICS Chair of the RICS Chair of the KSA Advisory Board, also flew in from Saudi Arabia to join us.

Laeeq talked about his career, the Quantity Surveyors of Pakistan and their vision, and the partnership with AMSI and opportunities that may mutually benefit our communities.

Laeeq says he is the second ever RICS Chartered Surveyor in Pakistan; he said the first has passed away; we will both speak further as in the UK, many of the AMSI community are firsts too.

Laeeq's presentation is here:

Laeeq's Presentation
Download PDF • 1.15MB

I learned from an association in Bangladesh that while their countries are populous, they have to look abroad for skills, such as the Bangladesh rail project.

Professional Experience

Ayesha Azar joined us from the Valuation Office Agency.

Ayesha talked about her journey into surveying; she talked about how the support of her employer helped her a lot and about jobs in the Agency; she is an excellent ambassador for the agency.

Ayesha's presentation is here:

Ayesha's Presentation
Download PDF • 1.18MB

Degree Apprenticeships

Abdur Raheem Khan, An Aspiring Chartered Surveyor and Intern at Savills, spoke.

He talked about his background, why he volunteers with AMSI and actively contributes, and wants to raise awareness of the Real Estate Profession amongst the younger generation.

He talked about degree apprenticeship stigma, which is not right, and said he would be happy to come and talk to others.

Raheem's presentation is here:

Raheem's Presentation
Download PDF • 2.94MB

The Professional Exam

Arslan Iqbal, Senior Consultant at Aspinall Verdi, joined us and spoke about his recent experience with the RICS Professional Exam and becoming Chartered; he has offered to Counsell others.

Those that attend our events enjoy them, and the feedback is good.

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