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This Weeks Update - 23 June 2023

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Dear Supporter. Assalam o Alaikum

As usual below is an update, I have added a few others who may have not received an email/update before, as they have supported or made enquiries about AMSI in the past.

New website

Following a recommendation from one of our volunteer members, I bought a proper functioning website and spent the week developing the platform.

I write this week's update as a blog from the new site:

The Home page reflects the AMSI supporters, in particular the RICS, RIBA, and CIOB, and in time, I will add in others, as the Initiative has the support of many other such institutions.


The Services page shows what I can do and this includes an offer to act as an RICS Counsellor but to also Coach and Mentor individuals.

Also Real Estate Advisory as my discipline is Management Consultancy and Strategy, I am a generalist with a lot of expertise in many Real Estate areas and Sectors.

Wednesday I was in a Board meeting where they talked about the Capital Funding Guide, for Registered Provider Developments this is the procedural document that the government housing investor expects grant recipients to comply with.

That organisation appointed a leading UK consultancy to help tell them what to do as they had reached a certain number of homes, we can help do that at a fraction of the cost as we do not have expensive overheads.

We have been asked to help one of the early AMSI community members recruit, we wait for more information, we can do this for others as well.

What we know from the data we have is that most of our members are young, the youngest 16 with the majority between 24-34 and we have very few elders, most people that are in the community want to work and we can help with the industry skills gap.


The AMSI page details Individual Benefits of joining for free and what people get as Contributing Members for either £20 or £10 (for people out of work) each month.

In the background once people become Contributing Members is a platform for a private members community.

I need to also add the ad-hoc offer from our supporters for high-value complimentary events, such as UKReIF at £900 each, the AWA award night at £100 each, also the Yasmeen Lari event, the talk was £24 and dinner at £260.

I attended the RIBA Yasmeen Lari Dinner where she was awarded the Kings Gold Medal, I have talked about Yasmeen's work from before she won, I support that when she sees something needs to be done, she uses what resources she has, to get on with doing.

A RIBA video on Yasmeen's work is here:

Business Case

These Complimentary offers from our supporters are important because just this week I listened to a podcast from the RICS called Building the Future: Women of Colour in real estate, a podcast by Sybil Taunton, Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, RICS and also Ally Reid, MRICS.

Ally says the income disparity for Pakistani Women in the UK is the highest and 31%, followed by Women from the Bangladeshi community, I began to search and found a 2018 study by the Aziz Foundation, which talked and reconfirmed the position, with poverty within those communities.

As the majority of AMSI members are from those communities, ordinarily they would not be able to afford to attend and the offer enabled them to.

Ally talks about other things, being thrown off a cliff in reference to a lack of support inside the industry for women that make it in, sadly that lack of support can come from other women and also women of colour, and that can happen to men as well in the AMSI community.


The Events page has a few items listed as "What is Coming Up?"

The 12 July 2023 event, is usually £50, for people who sign up to become Contributing Members, this time they can attend for free and we will see how it goes just for this week.

The RICS "She Builds Exhibition" will be on at the same time, the event will be in their HQ in Westminster, London, their building is on the corner of Parliament Square.

There is also the opportunity to join the RICS President and tour London Central mosque together in September, a Private Event for Contributing Members.

Our events are very low in cost, each time I click on an event from RICS, RIBA, other diversity networks, etc, unless grant or publicly funded, or sponsored they can start from £100 and cost much more.

We do not have funding from anyone, although one person did donate £250 from outside the community at my last update, it was kind, but like Yasmeen, we use our limited resources to create and help a whole community.

Some members of our community are doing what they can within their community to see how they can make the case and encourage corporates and industry to come forward to support us, I created a presentation for one young person this week, the initiative they demonstrated was nice.


There is also the Portfolio Page and on it is a reminder of how special our first 3 May 2023 event was, the page is here:

People travelled from different parts of the world to attend, but I told the RICS President, actually of all those people not one person is from me, she found that odd, but being one of the first from the community in the profession means not many people I see connect with what I do, especially women.

Sponsors & Donars

The Sybil Taunton and Ally Reid Podcast reconfirm what I have been saying, and say on the website home page that through AMSI we serve some of the UK's societies most deprived and disadvantaged.

The drivers of key pieces of legislation which impact Housing and Real Estate over the past 5 years, Grenfell and Awaab Ishak, and the position the Housing Regulator and Ombudsman now take on damp and property disrepair, remind me why I do this.

We present a unique opportunity to bring the Muslim, deprived disconnected communities and Authorities together through Real Estate, the Built Environment and Construction, the source of what caused some of the issues.

We seek Sponsors and Donors, and in return would be happy to agree on a package that works for both of us, because we would like to use it as an opportunity to help those who support us.

We will add a Volunteer With Us page to our website and an Associates Services offer, but we are a personal and professional development platform, and we want to create opportunities to help public life and society.


What I have started is worthwhile, a conversation with a young person who wants to attend our 12 July 2023 event confirmed that position, and he said there is nothing like this and we do need it.

Should you wish to speak about any of our services, want to sponsor or donate, do get in contact, we are an inclusive platform for everyone.

With yet another interest rate rise this week, if anyone needs advice, feel free to contact me, and on a final note, this week the special lecture by David Harewood OBE touched me, it made me see how similar our time growing up in UK society has been, in our own way we are all Windrush children.

Kind regards, Sarah

Sarah Chaudhry


The AMS Initiative

Surveyor Store Ltd

07521 085400

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