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South Asian Heritage Month - Ways to Get Involved.

The celebration is fairly new, having only been introduced in the UK in 2019; it takes place every year from July 2018 to August 17.

The Countries it covers are Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, with people spread worldwide.

South Asians in Real Estate, the Built Environment, and Construction.

When I came back from Hajj, I wrote a book; it is the story of Zahra; it talks about her South Asian roots, her career in Real Estate and the Built Environment, and her Hajj journey; it is here.

I attended Yasmeen Lari's Kings Gold Medal Award dinner at RIBA this year; before Yasmeen won, I talked about her work, and she said it took a woman to nominate a woman for her to win.

Yasmeen's video is in the article below, but I was not the one that nominated her; she was nominated by an organisation called Part W, an action group championing gender equity in the industry. .

The RIBA Article talks about the concept of 'Seva,' this is a Hindu and Sikh term that is like Sadaqah in Islam and Charity in English and Christianity, which is the concept of selfless service.

I met Laeeq Hassan, FRICS, this week who, like me, serves on RICS boards; he covers KSA and the Middle East. Like I am with AMSI, he founded the Quantity Surveyors of Pakistan.

While Yasmeen was Pakistan's first female architect, Laeeq is Pakistan's second-ever Chartered Surveyor; the first one died, he says.

History is important because it plays a role in how society came to be, and there are plenty more people in industry whose stories are worth capturing.

AMSI & South Asian Heritage Month.

When we did the first AMSI event on 3 May 2023, it felt like a historic moment because when I started this, so many people said someone should have done something before.

Then so many people attended from all over the place; more on AMSI is here: We are now 6 months old, as we first met on 3 February 2023.

This morning, I had a good conversation with a member, well two, that came forward after our last and the 12 May event to say, let us help with fundraising; one wants to lead this area.

They both recognise that AMSI will not last without income, and its impact will not be optimal; we have a follow-up call next Friday; should anyone else want to get involved, do say.

Ways to get involved with AMSI.

To plan our activities and how to optimise our impact, we have started to review our plan once again; we will formalise the following boards and invite people to join soon.

1. Steering Group Members for Leadership and Direction (to come);

2. Corporate Partners to Influence and Support our work (to come);

3. Contributing Members for Strategy Development and Planning (next meeting 1 August); and

4. Members for Market Engagement and Lead Initiatives (Friday 10AM Drop In).

Regarding items 1 and 2, there is more to come, and should you wish to contact us for a conversation, we welcome this; other items can be booked below.

South Asian Heritage Month Activities.

I have started to plan events; I hope to do two, one on 14 August and one on 15 August, one in a London venue and one global.

Should you wish to join the face-to-face event in London, you can RSVP here:

To talk at the global event, complete this form; we only want ten-minute speakers, nothing long or one headliner: You can talk for longer at a follow-up event, should you wish.

To share your story, you can fill out this form:, and we will be in contact.

We welcome everyone, South Asians and non-South Asians. Muslims and Non-Muslims as well.

Get in touch

Feel free to contact me; it was nice this week: I have had some very good conversations, and people value our services; they are niche.

Have a good weekend and a happy new year; for those that may not know, it is the start of the Islamic New Year and the month of Muharram.

Sarah Chaudhry


The AMS Initiative

Surveyor Store Ltd

07521 085400

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