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The Last AMSI 2023 Event - A Truly Inclusive Initiative

The event was on 21 November 2023 and was held to mark Islamophobia Awareness Month.

The event was held at the Al-Manaar Centre near Grenfell, we selected the venue due to the exemplary work the center did during the Grenfell crisis for all society.

Through storytelling we looked to share information and knowledge, the topics covered are below.

The Association of Muslim Surveyors Initiative

Founded in 2023, AMSI aims to:

“Pave the Way for More Inclusive Real Estate Professions while Building an Understanding of the Professions in Communities, for Everyone”.

The initiative also aims to build bridges in society and bring people together .

More details are here:

AMSI October Brochure
Download PDF • 264KB

Islamophobia Awareness Month.

The vision of the initiative is to see a society free from Islamophobia in all of its forms.

The initiative was founded in 2012 by a group of Muslim organisations, it aims to showcase the positive contributions of Muslims as well as raise awareness of Islamophobia in society.

The theme for 2023 is #MuslimStories.

More details are here:, the photo above is of our event .

British Muslim History

The Mosque's Chief Executive, Abdurahman Sayed talked about the background to the mosque, he explained how the land was acquired, the building constructed, and how the center opened.

He then explained the excellent work the centre does, and its profile, including with members of the Senior Royal family.

Abdurahman also spoke about how the center served the residents of Grenfell Tower, the local community, and wider society during the crisis.

Meghan's Cookbook was created in Al-Manaar and one of the chefs and ladies whose recipe is in the book joined us, to buy the book, click the photo of the book above.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

The RICS joined us and explained they are an old society with a history dating back to the 1800's, they explained how they are responsible for setting standards and even regulations in Real Estate.

They then talked about how Grenfell impacted their work, their members, and their society overall, along with cladding, much has changed.

There is now the mandatory requirement for sprinklers in tall buildings, a new building safety regulator, the Building Safety Act, and buildings over 30 meters to have two staircases.

For the full report click the image, whatever happens with the Tower will be a legacy and be an important London landmark, more on the RICS can be found here:

Middle East Crisis

Yusuf Javaid an AMSI member talked through the history of Israel and Palestine and the war, he explained how this is something that has gone on for a long time.

He valued construction projects, for example, the wall that divides both countries, and estimated the value of destruction and new construction once the war ends, he said what is going on could be a very difficult boundary dispute should such an issue arise in normal circumstances.

Yusuf explained how social media has been powerful in bringing forward a balanced narrative.

Yusuf is an AMSI contributing member, where and whenever we can we aim to platform our committed members and since we have started to do this it is nice they are getting noticed.

Yusuf and Abdurahman both stand next to me, the two ladies are Sybil from RICS and Lorraine from RLB, also two other AMSI committed members, Raheem and Amaad.

Future Plans

For 2023 this was our last event, we said we would do our next event in February 2023, I said we would do a dinner and someone is saying how about Cambridge.

Whatever we decide to do in the end, if more people join us then we can spread the responsibility between us, this year has set a baseline and we will aim to do 4 events again next year.

During the evening we all got to pray together in the mosque, and the recitation was good.

How to join AMSI

It costs £20 each month to become an AMSI member you can sign up here:, or set up a standing order, if you prefer to do this send me an email for account information.

The benefit of getting involved is that you get to influence and help plan what we do next.

With some members, as we have got to know them, even if we cannot help them we have signposted them to people that can assist them realise their ambitions.

Truly Inclusive

It is nice that this has become our market brand, in that AMSI is for Everyone.

After our first event, the RICS later platformed one of our speakers and he made this video of his welcome to the profession talk: , he mentions me twice - he is kind.

Sarah Chaudhry


AMSI, Surveyor School & the Property Practice

Surveyor Store Ltd

07521 085400

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