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This Barbie is a Chartered Surveyor

I started the week having watched Barbie over the weekend wondering what all the fuss was about; as a child, I never owned a Barbie, but Malala's photo made me smile.

RICS Assessment of Professional Competence (APC)

I spent six months working on the Association of Muslims (AMS) Initiative; and over the past weeks, I supported another Barbie that wants to be a Chartered Surveyor, a Muslim woman.

As part of our offer, we offer Counselling services for candidates going forward for their APC.

As a management consultant chartered surveyor with three decades of experience in corporate real estate, there are not many unknown pathways and to talk through your submission contact me.

We can do the first 15 minutes free to scope what you need.

Work Experiences & Volunteering

The APC process asks that you explain your knowledge in a competency area.

It then asks that you demonstrate how you applied the knowledge.

To help develop experiences we have through the AMS initiative begun to offer the opportunity to Contribute and then Volunteer.

For example, one Volunteer is working on the development of our Corporate Partners Offer.

To complement this, we ask for National Events Leads; we want to do events in Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Edinburgh, or Glasgow; should this be of interest book a free consultation.

Benefits of Professional Qualifications - Party Wall Process

I had a case study, where someone was asking someone to sign a letter to give permission for structural changes in the building which they owned.

Despite an ongoing exchange asking the person to follow due process, namely provisions in the Party Wall Act 1996.

When they got a letter from a Professional saying it was not required, I suggested we go back to the person seeking permission and ask more questions about their advice.

A professional's advice is a matter of opinion, and unless matters are black and white, which they can sometimes not be, as in this case, one professional's opinion may not be the same as another's.

That is what Qualifications, Work, and Professional Qualifications teach us, and that is to read ourselves to make up our own minds.

A Party Wall decision-making flow chart is here, and if we can help, contact us.

Real Estate Advisor

I specialise in Real Estate Advisory, while in Local Government, I did a lot of Strategic Real Estate work; I shaped things, told people what could be done and how to do it, and then passed it over.

When I look back, I led and shaped many programmes of scale; I can now offer this service to corporates and everyday people as well.

Our services are competitively priced and should anyone wish to speak, book a 15-minute free consultation by clicking the image, and we can then talk about the price for the rest of the work.

This was the biggest scheme I formed, hailed the best in a 10-year programme of 800 other sites.

Government Programmes

Round 3 of the Community Ownership Fund is open.

Applicants can apply for funding to take ownership of assets at risk of loss in their community.

Incorporated voluntary and community organisations, and parish, town, and community councils (depending on eligibility requirements) can apply.

Capital funding is available: up to £2 million for all asset types; it is expected that most awards will be for up to £250,000 of capital funding.

The Round 3 Bidding Window is 1 - 30 August - 11 October 2023.

If you seek expertise or capacity to apply for funding, we would be happy to help; do book a free 15-minute consultation by clicking the image.

RICS updates

The RICS this week launches its first Women in Surveying insight report.

The report says women in Surveying and the wider built environment sector face recurring challenges throughout their careers due to the following:

- discrimination

- bias (whether unconscious or intentional) and

- inequity in opportunities and systematic practices.

For the Group the AMS Initiative represents, and a large majority of members who have South Asian roots, it is noteworthy the South Asian continent has the smallest % of women RICS members.

The average age of women leaving membership is 47 and men 61, which is very young.

Women make up 18% of RICS Members, and Women Fellow Members only 4%.

South Asian Women face issues at work and home; we have discussed this before, particularly Muslim women unless they have support.

A link to the RICS report is here: file:///C:/Users/thech/Downloads/Women%20in%20Surveying_FINAL.pdf.

Chartered Institute of Housing CIOH

It is interesting to see the CIOH have opened voting for their next vice president; it is interesting to see all four candidates coming forward as women.

For 20 years, I was an affordable housing developer; the difference is stark.

I have said for years, there are lots of hidden surveyors in Housing and also Local Government, and if I can help anyone with their career and professional journey, get in touch.

We already know that RICS's new Senior Vice President is a man and Justin Sullivan FRICS, and we already know their new CEO is Justin Young.

Presidential terms are usually for a year, but candidates work up from vice president to president over a few years.


Anyway, this Barbie writing this week's Blog as well as being a Chartered Surveyor is also a Builder.

A highly experienced and capable Corporate Housing Developer; if I can help someone else build, feel free to contact me as well, we are keen to launch more surveying lines and will do that next.

Sarah Chaudhry


The AMS Initiative

Surveyor Store Ltd

07521 085400

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