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True Human Potential

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

This has to be a photo of the week.

It is of India on the Moon, it looks like something from a science fiction movie but is real and was yesterday, 23 August 2023 with the world congratulating Indians on their accomplishment.

India became the first country to successfully land a spacecraft on the moon's south pole.

This did not happen overnight, and on 15 August 1969, 54 years ago the Indian Space Research Organisation was formed, it reports to the Department of Space and the Prime Minister of India.

In its visions when the Agency was formed Vikram Sarabhai their first Chairman in 1969 said:

"To us, there is no ambiguity of purpose.

We do not have the fantasy of competing with economically advanced nations in the exploration of the Moon or the planets or manned space flight.

But we are convinced that if we are to play a meaningful role nationally and in the community of nations, we must be second to none."

Countries like India play a key global role in developing capable and competent professionals, their recent accomplishment is an example of excellence and a new milestone in space travel.

Well done to them .

Other reflections

Here in the UK this week, we witnessed the Letby trial and sentencing, she was given seven life sentences.

Along with the babies, their families, and friends, there are many victims of what she did including other professionals.

I myself could not help but be touched by the story of Dr. Ravi.

Dr. Ravi Jayaram of Indian-origin who was born in the UK says hospital bosses asked him to draw a line under his suspicions when he first raised the alarm in 2015 when three babies had died.

He said when more babies died, he and senior doctors alerted hospital executives about Lucy's behaviour.

He claimed the hospital bosses asked him to 'draw a line' under his suspicions and apologise to Letby for 'victimisation."

Victimisation means to single someone out for cruel or unjust treatment.

The hospital request came after Lucy Letby herself raised a grievance against Dr. Ravi I believe, which was upheld and she was issued an apology I understand.

Hospital bosses did not believe Dr. Ravi it seems and now they say he did not raise his concerns strongly enough. but he did raise them.

Then in April 2017, the National Health Service Trust let doctors talk to a police officer.

The police officer after listening for ten minutes said this was something for them to deal with.

Dr. Ravi said he could have punched the air then, but he would have gone through years of this.

If you look at the timeline, this would be 8 years, and then when ITV news said to him in 2023 you deserve an award and he broke down and cried, I understood why.

Because as he said, he did not report her for reward, he did it as part of his duty.

The point he now raises is right, in that it is not right, for the Senior Managers involved in this matter not to be held to account.

He says it is not right that doctors and Surgeons be regulated and for the Senior Managers that manage them and this matter, not to be.

Some people say it has to do with race, some say class, from my perspective I do not know.

What I know from my time in similar public sector organisations, is this can happen.

When people go through this it tests them in many ways including their mental health and sanity.

It is important people recognise this and seek support, although that could be hard as well, as some matters maybe confidential.

In this article Dr. Ravi says: "There are bad people in all walks of life and many of them are very good at hiding in plain sight.

There are also people in highly paid positions of responsibility in healthcare whose job it is to ensure patient safety,”

Personal and professional development

One of the services we offer, is the ability to have a general conversation about career development, access, progress, and exit conversations.

We may not be able to solve the problems but we can listen and signpost people to someone for the right support.

If we can help, you can book time for a quick 15-minute conversation, just to talk through what you need.

If you then need more time we can book a further conversation for an hour, we can only provide general advice, listening, and signposting as we have a lot of industry experience.

We are not trained as Counsellors and are mindful of this, although we can do RICS APC Counselling which is different.

Well being support

From my LinkedIn postings last week, one of the services I came to learn of in surveying is Lionheart.

I watched the Chair post about the service, and I asked the question about the service using Dr. Ravi as an example and quickly I got a reply from Lionheart.

I looked up their website and found there was a lot available to help people going through a difficult time at work or outside, even help with job seeking.

I write about this now as it may help someone, and Lionheart is a good resource.

Dr. Ravi's story, I believe to be relevant to all professions and I think there are many searching questions for all Professions.

You can find more on Lionheart here:

True Human Potential

As I have got older, with some reflection, I have come to realise, true human potential is only realised by understanding we are all constrained.

To recognise that is important and to focus on consistent simple practice key as we saw with the Indian Space Research Agency which tried from the start not to compete with others.

The more time I spend on Social Media, the more I see some parts are good, but some are not and we all need to find a balance on what works for us .

But be fair and true to yourself.

I write this Blog as part of my work on AMSI, a Property Service, with Diversity expertise and with elements of Faith, we are niche and unique.

To move our relationship with our community to the next phase we have introduced the opportunity to be a Contributing Member and Corporate Partner, we will only work where terms are clear .

And on a final note, congratulations to Kalpana K Chandrayaan, the aerospace engineer by profession, the woman to led the team that took India to the moon.

Sarah Chaudhry



Surveyor Store Ltd

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