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From Inside, a month of writing from Central London Mosque, London, UK.


The book has three parts.


Part 1 is on the history of the mosque, the writing is from a real estate and built environment perspective as I am a Chartered Surveyor and a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.


Part 2 is on Islam, it overs the basics and is a simple introduction.


Part 3 is a little writing from each night in Central London Mosque, where I would join everyone to break my fast and pray the evening also night prayer, but not the very late night prayer.


Each night thousands of people attend the mosque, which feeds thousands of people, it is a big operation that the mosque executes very well through the 29 and 30 days of Ramadhan.


The scale of the operation is very big, and the mosque is open to everyone, Muslim and non-Muslim, within the congregation, there are all sorts of people.


Ramadhan in a mosque is a very special experience.


This is not a very clever book, it gives insight into what it is like from the inside during Ramadhan in Central London Mosque, London, UK.


People have said Sarah's books can be compelling slightly different in style but good.


Ramadhan 2023

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