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"The Journey of A Lifetime," by A Chartered Surveyor.

Updated: Jun 16

Assalam o alaikum

The start of the Islamic month of Dhu al-Hijjah is when Hajj happens, click the image for more information.

We thank sultan al osaimi for the quote at the end of the presentation, he is a surveyor from Makkah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Muslims who do not go Hajj may decide to fast on the day of Arafah on the 9th day, Eid will be on the 10th.

2 billion muslim will be celebrate Eid worldwide.

Some people may fast from 1 Dhu al-Hijjah, these are optional fasts.

The Hajj is mandatory for those who can afford it and make the journey, Allah does not want hardship for his people.

The presentation has been researched and written from a chartered surveyors perspective .

We hope our presentation is informative.

It is said that, “In it there are clear signs and the station of Abraham; whoever enters it becomes secure,” 3:97, may we all have the opportunity.

Sarah Chaudhry


Surveyor Store Ltd

07521 085400


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